Wingo Hom

Wingo Hom "The Dance Doctor" has 50 plus years of experience in Latin, Hustle, East and West Coast Swing, and American/International styles of Ballroom. He is known for his unique technique for diagnosing and improving your dance. Some of Wingo's many accomplishments include; Recipient of the 2015 Artie Phillips Lifetime Achievement Award, Winner of 10 Top Teacher Awards, Winner of the 2009 Dancing with the Stars Tour Version in Cha Cha and East Coast Swing competition, 2006 Amateur Male Hustle Dancer of the Year, 649 first place titles, and 34 Jack and Jill first place awards. He is certified to Judge Dance competitions in all levels. Wingo is a familiar presence in the Hustle, West Coast Swing and Salsa community and is currently teaching in NY,NJ,PA and FL. Currently on teaching staff with Stardust Dance Productions in the Catskills, New York and Dance Cruises.

Phone: 917.817.2020

Jason Lane

Jason Lane, has been teaching West Coast Swing for years all around our area. Was part of The Gotham Swing team in New York City.

Phone: 610.737.7364

Diane Nardone

Diane Nardone , hosts her own DKN Dance lessons and mixer every Wednesday in Fairlawn, N.J.

Phone: 201.666.6244

Lynn Stevens

Lynn Stevens teaches West Coast Swing all over the area and specializes dance technique.

Phone: 610.277.2242

Mike Walton

Mike Walton, our very excellent DJ, is also an excellent West Coast swing instructor. His philosophy: learn it, dance it, teach it!

Phone: 570.941.8967

Con Gallagher

Con Gallagher teaches easy approachable dance classes and he is one our best!

Phone: 610.433.7804

Dave Kim

Dave Kim operates and teaches many dances at various locations – check out his website!. He is a talented DJ and instructor.


Sascha Newberg

Sascha began as a swing dancer at the Commodore Barry Club in Philadelphia in PSDS's swing dances. It wasn't long until she was regularly dancing and learning as much as she could. During college she caught onto Lindy Hop and from there Balboa, West Coast Swing and even Carolina Shag. Her dance travels have taken her to many locations, competitions, classes, and historic venues. She'll keep you moving, and charm you into trying new things. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter as she waxes poetic on the topic of training to be a social dancer and competitor.

Donna Boyle

Donna Boyle always teaches a great hustle lesson. Check out her web site for all her dance awards and events.

Phone: 215.740.3472

Larry and Claudia Silverman

They have been teaching for over 20 years, offer group and private lessons working with all different levels of dancers from beginners to advanced. They teach all of the ballroom, Latin, swing, hustle, night club as well as Country Two Step. They also specialize in preparing couples, parents and others for that very special dance at their wedding.

Phone: 215.666.2535 or 215.666.2534

Alan Saperstein

Alan Saperstein is a teacher and dancer in South Jersey and Philadelphia. Alan has competed internationally in both professional Country Western and Swing dance forms and is well known for his brand of Country Two-Step.

Phone: 856.428.6083

John Fiesta

Swing Is Love! John has been around swing dancing all his life. Born into a New York family where dancing was vital, he was taught Lindy Hop at an early age. After pursuing a career in ballet, John rediscovered Lindy Hop and then West Coast Swing. John is a pivotal figure in both national and local West Coast Swing worlds. He not only competes, judges, and teaches, but is also one of the top DJ’s, playing music for many of the biggest swing dance events throughout the country.